Marijuana Strains O

Here are a full list of weed strains beginning with the letter O. If you are an individual who has familiarity with or have a affinity for a particular strain and would provide a paragraph of info on the marijuana strain please reach to us as we begin to grow the site we look for community support inclusive of all portions of content writers.

Oasis (Dutch Passion) = Northern Lights #2

Odin’s Hammer (Reeferman) Kodiak Gold X Acapulco Gold

Oké 47 (Sensi) Afghani X ???

Optimus Prime (BC Bud Depot) BC Sweet Tooth X Mayne Island Indica

Orange Apollo (Reservoir) [Aeric Cali-O X Apollo 11] X Apollo 11

Orange Chemo (Woodhorse) BC Chemo X Ontario Chemo X Timewarp X California Orange

Orange Crush (B.C.G.A.) California Orange x Blueberry

Orange Peako Cambodian (Reeferman) Nepalese Indica X Cambodian Sativa

Orange Spice (Dman) Double G X White Widow

Orangina (Blue Grass) California Orange X Blue Bubblejuice

Orient Express (A.C.E.) Vietnam Black X Chinese; Yunnan

Original Haze (Seedsman) [Mexican x Columbian] X Thai X South Indian Kerala

Original Highway Delight ( High Quality) Northern Light X Skunk

Weed Stains P

Original Strawberry Diesel (Reservoir) Strawberry Couch X Sour Diesel


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