Marijuana Strains C

Here are a full list of weed strains beginning with the letter C. If you are an individual who has familiarity with or have a affinity for a particular strain and would provide a paragraph of info on the marijuana strain please reach to us as we begin to grow the site we look for community support inclusive of all portions of content writers.

C-Plus (Chimera & DJ Short) California Orange X Dj’s Blueberry

C4 (Chimera) ?Cotton Candy? X Shishkaberry

Cali Miss (BC Seed Co.) Haze X Five-O

California Special (KC Brains) American California X Skunk

Calizhar (Chimera) Cali-O X Shiskaberry

Calyxxx (Almighty) Grapefruit X Friesland X a old school humbolt

Canadian Classic (Reeferman) Grapefruit X Burmese

Canela (A.C.E) Indian Malana X Old School Jamaican

Canna Sutra (Delta 9) Reclining Buddha X Sensi Star

Capricho (Canna Biogen) Indian; Manali X Colombian

Caribe (Canna Biogen) Jamaica X [Jamaica X [Northern Light #5 X Haze]]

Celestial Temple Sativa (Federation) Landraces; Ecuador, Andes Mountains

Champagne – Hashplant X Chemdawg

Cheese (Big Buddha’s) Orig. UK Cheese X Afghani

Chemo Grizzly (Kootenay Mountain) 2 differents Chemo

Cherry Berry (Reeferman) Cherry Bomb X Blueberry Indica

Cherry Bomb (Almighty) Lionheart X Sage

Cherry Bomb #2 (Prairiefire) M-80 Cherry Bomb from Northern California X Cherry Bomb from Southern Kentucky

Cherry Thai (Reeferman) Cherry Bomb X Oregon Purple Thai

China White (Reeferman) Chinese Indica X Nepalese Indica

Chinese Indica (Reeferman) Landraces; SouthWest China, Yunnan

Chitral (Dutch Passion) Chitral-Hasj X Skunk

Chrystal (Nirvana) [White Widow X Northern Lights] X Northern Lights

Cinderella 99 (Mr. Soul) Princess X Princess 88

Cindy Blues (Spice Brothers) Blueberry X Cinderella 99

Cinnamon (Female Seeds) Jack Herer X ???

Citral (Nirvana) Hindu Kush ???

Citralah (Soma) Pakistanese, Chittral X Afghani Hawaiian

Citrus Skunk (Jordan of the Island) Skunk #1 X California Orange

Congo aka Bangi (A.C.E.) Bangi Congo X [Congo #3 X Chitral]

Conquistador (Subcool) Hashplant X Ortega X Cinderella 99 Hashplant X Taco ???

Cotton Candy (Federation) Afghani X Blueberry

Couchlock (BC Seed Co.) Northern Lights #5 X Afghani #1

Crazy Daze (Dman) Red Haze X [G13 x Black Widow]

Cripple Creek (Tom Hill) Pine Tar Kush X Deep Chunk

Critical Hash 47 (Spice Brothers) [Hashplant x Critical Mass] X AK-47

Critical Mass (Mr. Nice) Afghani X Skunk #1

Crown Royal (Federation) Hawaiian Sativa X Mikado

Crystal (Nirvana) White Widow X Northern Lights

Crystal Lightning (White Widow Web) White Widow X Super Thai

Crystal Paradise (KC Brains) Californian BigBud Skunk X Brazil (Mango Vermelho from Brazil, Paranaiba)

Crystal Ship, the (Reeferman) Kali Mist X Kodiak Gold

Crystalberry (Cannabis Pros) Blueberry X Northern Light #5

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